Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hello! My name is:

I've been working on an assignment that requires me to input our guests names onto a word document; I've already typed hundreds of names and am going to have to keep adding to the list.  The more names I add to the document the more heavyhearted the task becomes.  As I am typing their names I think of how many, and for what reasons, other people have typed, written, or seen their names on paper.  Unfortunately, I am typing their names to keep track of the supplies we are handing out to them at Gubbio.

I think of the first time their guardians saw their name on a birth certificate.  

I think of the people who taught them how to write out their names for the first time.

I think of the teachers who would always remind them to write their names at the top of the paper.  

I think of the applications that were read by office of admissions departments across the country.

I think of all the medical professionals who have seen their names on their medical records.

I think of all the politicians who ask for little slips of paper with their names on them.  

And then I think - What would all these people say if they could see where their name is now?

What if when their guardians saw their birth certificate for the first time, were told that one day their child would be homeless?

What if teachers were told as they were grading papers, that their student was one day going to be homeless?  

What if a Mayor knew that the letter of support  they were reading was from a person who was going to be homeless one day?   

Would they do anything differently than what they actually did?  Would parents move to a different neighborhood?  Would teachers try harder and pay more attention to them?  Would politicians try to implement more sufficient legislation that would help people who are experiencing homelessness?

I guess the only thing I know for sure is that one day all of our names will end up on stone somewhere; and we won't have to worry about where our names show up upstairs with the big Guy.

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